UMC Breast Cancer Center

UMC Breast Cancer Center

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Texas Tech University University Medical Center

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UMC Breast Cancer Center


Lubbock, TX


Health Care

While the prospect of having breast cancer is a daunting fear to have, the facilities of UMC Dimensions II reassures patients they are receiving the highest quality of care possible.

Located in the University Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas, UMC Dimensions II is the premier breast imaging center of West Texas offering many different services and featuring the only fellowship-trained breast imaging radiologist in the region.

The Director of the Breast Imaging Department’s vision, which was brought to life by the design team at Condray Design Group, was to honor breast cancer awareness by incorporating the pink ribbon into the flooring design. While utilizing the motif of the pink ribbon throughout the space, the design emulates a soothing, comforting atmosphere that is reassuring during a potentially abysmal period. The pink ribbon is meant to symbolize the hope for the future while evoking solidarity among those who have, have had, or have the fear of having breast cancer. Condray Design Group’s embodiment of the pink ribbon creates an element of hope while the sleek design indicates you are in a state of the art facility offering patients ease of mind.

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