Concrete Polishing

Smoothing Out Rough Spots

A polished concrete floor is an excellent finished flooring option given its low-maintenance and high durability characteristics. Finishing techniques offer a variety of color and style options that will complement the design of the space.
Polished concrete is also considered sustainable flooring option, because of its long lifespan, and it is often already a part of the space, since buildings are typically built on a concrete slab.  It also eliminates the need for materials and energy that would go into manufacturing another finished floor that would be installed over the concrete that is there to begin with.  It is a good option to look at if being green is a project consideration.

The act of changing a concrete surface by means of a multi-step mechanical process that involves cutting and/or refining the surface to the maximum potential with a bonded abrasive medium where each step cuts progressively finer microscopic peaks and valleys.  Each step must be refined to its maximum potential in which the abrasive no longer cuts or cuts very little under its current weight.  Below are some considerations to help decide what finish is right for the job.

Aggregate Exposure: Grinding a concrete surface with bonded abrasives, in as many abrasive grits necessity, to achieve one of the following:


Class Name Surface Cut Depth Appearance
A Cream NONE Some fine aggregate exposure at random locations
B Fine Aggregate (Salt and Pepper) Very Little Fine aggregate exposure w/medium to large aggregate exposure at random locations
C Large Aggregate Minimum of 1/8in. Large aggregate exposure w/little or no aggregate exposure

Reflective Clarity and Reflective Sheen: Before application of a polish guard, polishing a concrete surface with the minimum number of bonded abrasives as indicated to achieve one of the following:


Level Name Reflective Clarity Reflective Sheen Grit Range Min. # of Abrasives
1 Ground Flat appearance with none to very slight diffused reflection None to very low Below 100 4
2 Honed Matte appearance with or without slight diffused reflection Low to medium 10 to 400 5
3 Semi-Polished Objects being reflected are not quite sharp and crisp but can be easily identified Medium to high 800 & Higher 6
4 Highly Polished Objects being reflected are sharp and crisp; would be seen in a mirror like a reflection High to highest 800 & Highter 7

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